• SACOA is an Australian owned and operated manufacturer of products designed to control a range of pests and diseases in key horticultural and broadacre crops in Australia. Throughout SACOA’s twenty five year history, developing products specifically for disease and pest control for Australian banana growers has been a key focus.

    BIOPEST, which was developed in collaboration with Australian banana growers, is the only locally developed product on the market. Designed for controlling yellow sigatoka and sucking pests, BIOPEST is unique in being developed and formulated specifically for Australian conditions and agronomic practices.

    BIOPEST is manufactured in Australia, is proven with over 20 years of commercial field use and independent trialling, and is the product of choice for agronomists, consultants and aerial operators.

    SACOA continues to invest in the Australian banana industry with an ongoing local research and development program – and fully supports its product range with technical and sales support teams.

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    Matt Sherriff
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