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17-19 MAY, 2023
Cairns Convention Centre
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Trevor Farmer

Trevor launched straight out of University, setting up his own veterinary practise in Townsville in 1975. 14 years later, with several clinics in this highly profitable practise, he decided to sell them all.

A fearless and clever entrepreneur, Trevor sold the practice and built a series of sales distribution networks that gave him both time with his family and a six figure income.

For more than 30 years, Trevor has studied the principles of ‘Unbreakable Success’ and has an enviable record successfully coaching others to the realisation of their goals. The diversity of success speaks to the effectiveness of the coaching. These include world-class athletes, people with severe medical impairments and those with BIG business ideas.

A fearless and clever entrepreneur, Trevor Farmer stands in a paddock with warm sunshine rays and a welcoming smile

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