• Mark Smith

    Farm Manager/Darwin Fruit Farm

  • Mark Smith is the Farm Manager at Darwin Fruit Farm. Mark began his banana career in Kununurra, WA. He ended up working on the largest farm in the state, before the company decided to move the sandier loam soils and more suitable climate of the Northern Territory. In 1997, Panama TR4 was confirmed at a nearby farm. From then on, Mark’s work in bananas became about managing the fungal disease, including assisting in GM trials run by QUT. Another blow came when all bananas were destroyed due to banana freckle, with replanting at Darwin Fruit Farms only restarting in 2017. Now the company has 70 acres of bananas, which continues to grow, as well as pineapples and Honeyt Gold mangoes. Away from work, he loves his family and has a passion for fishing and motorcycles.