Important Biosecurity Information

Biosecurity Information for International travellers attending Congress 2019

Australia is free from many pests and diseases found around the world. Our agricultural industries including bananas, depend on strict controls and requirements to manage the risk of pests and diseases from entering and becoming established in Australia. These pests and diseases can be carried on shoes, clothing and tools.

We ask that you please

  • Do not bring shoes into Australia that have been worn overseas on farms. Either bring brand new shoes or purchase new footwear when you have arrived in Australia.
  • Launder any clothing and hats that have been worn on farms prior to coming to Australia.
  • Do not bring hand tools (for example technical or farm equipment) that has been used on overseas farms.
  • Expect to follow best practice on-farm biosecurity procedures for shoes, clothing and equipment if you intend visiting farms in Australia.
  • If you have been on farms overseas in the 30 days prior to entry to Australia, you must answer ‘yes’ on their incoming passenger card when entering Australia, to declare that they have ‘been in contact with farms, farm animals, wilderness areas or freshwater streams/lakes etc.