Dr Frédéric Bakry

After graduating in 1982 from Paris XI University, the country’s incubator of plant breeders, CIRAD offered to F. Bakry a PhD scholarship to apply tissue culture biotechnologies to bananas as a way of bypassing the crop’s sterility. After its PhD, Bakry went to Brazil for two years to work in partnership with EMBRAPA on the Brazilian banana improvement program. In 1987, he went to Guadeloupe to the research station of Neufchâteau , where he set up the French banana breeding program. By combining the crossbreeding and the development of cellular and molecular biotechnologies, he designed reconstructive breeding strategies aiming to mimic the natural paths of domestication of banana, but incorporating sources of disease resistance in the newly selected varieties.

Frédéric Bakry is today the co-breeder of many dessert and cooking varieties currently being evaluated in various regions of the world, some of which will soon be tested in Australia. In partnership with Wageningen University (The Netherlands), he is also currently seeking for new source of resistant genes to Fusarium oxysorum sp cubense TR4 in natural germplasm to be incorporated in banana breeding activities.

Finally, he is the co-author of numerous renowned publications in the fields of biotechnology, genetics and banana genomics.