Dennis Hoiberg


Dennis Hoiberg is an organisational consultant with more than 30 years experience working with individuals, teams and businesses to achieve excellence and high performance.

His main area of consulting expertise is organisational change and effectiveness, bringing with him a practical and pragmatic style – one of his main acknowledged strengths. Dennis’ unique insight into human psychology provides clients with a highly effective mechanism to understand, motivate and retain their networks

Dennis has developed programs to accelerate the personal and professional development of individuals, including mentoring, coaching and has most recently developed a suite of retreats to provide guests with a focused environment for reflection and action.

He is accredited in the Myers Briggs Instrumentation as well as being one of the few people in Australia who is accredited in and an active user of the world class Geier Learning System.

Why are you excited about participating in ABIC 2017?

Looking forward to sharing my lessons learnt with the participants to increase their well-being and resilience in order to look after themselves so they can look after their family, friends and businesses.