Andre Drenth

Graduated with MSc. in Plant Breeding from Wageningen Agricultural University, The Netherlands in 1990 and a PhD in Plant Pathology from Wageningen and Cornell University USA in 1994. Now Professor of Plant Pathology, Centre for Plant Science, Queensland Alliance for Agriculture and Food innovation. The University of Queensland, Australia.

Twenty six years of experience in Plant Pathology, specializing in diseases of Tropical Tree Crops. Broad experience in many tropical plant diseases in Australia, Asia and Latin America. Published more than 100 scientific articles and many industry journal articles on diseases in tropical tree crops. Interests are Plant diseases in the tropics and their management, food security. Developed and led the Banana Plant Protection program from 2011-2016 and currently leading the levy and HIA funded banana diagnostics program.

Why are you excited about participating in ABIC2017?
Once you realize that growing bananas is hard work it is no surprise that the industry has applied this work ethic to many aspects of their industry. Cyclones, disease incursions, low prices and competition have strengthened the resolve of the industry to strongly move forward. The banana industry keeps the future of their industry in focus through activities and research programs aimed at keeping their plantations healthy for the long run. It is a real pleasure working with an industry which continues to plan for and meet future challenges no matter how hard they be. This year’s banana congress no doubt will continue bring the many stakeholders in the industry together in what promises to be another great event.